About Us

We have been in the meal planning business for over 15 years! We started as a contract meal production company producing and shipping meals for The Zone Diet, Healthy Heart Meals and a custom fresh, blended juice company. We were the first meal plan company to produce and ship FRESH meals nationally. We developed our own PCMeals plan for several professional athletes and private clients we started working with in Bergen County and Metro NY/NJ in 2017. We are proud to have worked with so many NFL, MLB, MMA, NCAA and amateur athletes and their nutritional needs have guided us to where we are today.


Our original POWERCLEAN Performance meal plan was developed for the professional and amateur athletes we work with. Many of our clients asked for a lean muscle gain plan, so we developed PALEOCLEAN Low Carb. The P and C were taken from the P in Power/Paleo and the C in Clean. As Vegetarian/Vegan grew in popularity, we developed our PURECLEAN Plant Based meals. 


We believe in eating Fresh Meals. All our ingredients are brought in fresh each week, prepared, and plated twice a week so our clients are always eating fresh. The key to our POWER – PALEO – PURE meal plans is Portion/Calorie Control. Each portioned meal is labeled with Calorie – Protein – Carb – Fat nutritional detail so that our clients can reach and maintain their health and wellness goals.